Surrey Waste Local Plan

Issues & Options Consultation - Section 4

Section 4 Vision, Objectives (pp. 18 – 19 of Issues and Options Consultation Report)

4a). Do you agree the draft vision for the SWLP 2018 – 2033 is:
  Strongly disagree Slightly disagree Neither Slightly agree Strongly agree


4b). Do you have any comments about the draft vision?
GGG doubts that the aspiration to have no landfill waste within Surrey will be achieved. Surrey is an affluent county that, as the evidence of the Surrey Nature Partnership presents so dramatically, consumes resources at a rate equivalent to 3 Earth planets. Unless there is major economic recession in the plan period 2018-2033 that impacts the affluent residents of the county significantly, their consumption patterns are unlikely to change. The Vision totally ignores the potential influence of alternative negative economic futures, trying to present the best of all possible outcomes in the best of all possible worlds.


5a). Do you think the proposed draft objectives will help Surrey County Council implement the draft vision? Yes 


5b). Do you have any comments about the draft objectives proposed in the SWLP (also set out in Section 5 below)?
 No comments submitted


6a). Do you agree with the proposed 15 year plan period for the SWLP 2018 – 2033? Yes 


6b). If not, what period you think the plan should cover?
GGG is concerned at the mismatch between the SWLP time period 2018-2033 and the Local Plan periods of its constituent local authorities. Also the fact that local authorities will be encouraged to review their Local Plans at least every 5 years in order to bring forward more land in the 5-year rolling site availability requirement plus its associated housing will inject stresses into the SWLP that cannot be anticipated. Therefore, as a minimum GGG would suggest breaking the current 15 year plan period into three sub plans 2018-2023, 2023-2028 and 2028-2033, each with annual reviews, to provide a more flexible planning vehicle, rather than a one-time straight jacket that will be out of date 6 months after publication (see 2008 Surrey Waste Plan as example of a time-expired document).

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