Surrey Waste Local Plan

Issues & Options Consultation - Section 2

Section 2 Context (pp. 11 – 14 of Issues and Options Consultation Report)

2). Do you have any comments on the context we have set out for the preparation of a new SWLP?

 GGG appreciate the comprehensive documentation outlining the protected landscapes and biodiversity at large in the county of Surrey. We welcome the assertion in the Draft Vision that “Surrey County Council seeks to enhance and protect these features” i.e. landscape, heritage and biodiversity assets. The role of planning legislation and guidance for waste management is both restrictive but enabling and this is made clear in the supporting documentation.

However, the evidence of the waste volumes data Table at 2.1.6 page 12 suggests there is a major problem for the Surrey CC with C&I and CD&E waste volumes in general and untreatable waste in particular, with 26% going to landfill but more importantly 34.4% being transferred out of the Surrey area to other WDAs. In all, this represents 60% of all Surrey's waste.

GGG does not believe Surrey CC has the financial resource base neither now nor into the foreseeable future to address the capacity needs within the county this implies for this volume of waste to be either reused, recycled or composted or used in energy recovery facilities.

In addition, Background Paper 4 Capacity, illustrates the uncertainty surrounding these figures as waste data recording and consolidation is a best incomplete and at worst incoherent. There is also the question of continuing imports of waste from adjacent WDAs and the continuing need to maintain relationships with the multiple recipient local authorities of Surrey's exported waste.

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