NPPF Changes Consultation 2015

Supporting New Settlements, Development on Brownfield Land and Small Sites and Delivery of Housing Agreed in Local Plans - Page 2

Question 7.

Do you consider that it would be beneficial to strengthen policy on the development of brownfield land for housing? If not, why not and are there any unintended impacts that we should take into account?

  • Strengthen brownfield policy as proposed, making brownfield sites in towns and cities the priority for new houses and allowing local councils to refuse proposals on competing green field sites.
  • Care must be taken that brownfield sites in the Green Belt are not used where it would harm openness. Sites in the green belt that have been used for renewable energy projects or sports grounds including golf courses for example must always be returned to their original state when the use is discontinued. Allowed developments in the green belt must not become stepping stones to housing development. This should be made explicit in the NPPF
  • In principle we strongly support the use of urban brown field land for development subject to environmental considerations and sustainable locations.
  • We have concerns about the development of small sites in rural locations, particularly in the Green Belt, if they harm the character and openness of the countryside and are in unsustainable locations.
  • Brownfield land is currently being recycled. It is not a static area and so it is unhelpful to require 90% of brownfield land suitable for housing to have planning permission by 2022 (paragraph 21).

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