NPPF Changes Consultation 2015

Supporting New Settlements, Development on Brownfield Land and Small Sites and Delivery of Housing Agreed in Local Plans

Question 6.

Do you consider that national planning policy should provide greater policy support for new settlements in meeting development needs? If not, why not?

  • One of the major problems with existing policy is that the Objectively Assessed Need for housing is based on existing levels of housing in an area. This means that authorities which already have a high level of housing are expected to build larger numbers of extra homes even if they are surrounded by Green Belt and their infrastructure is already beyond maximum levels of capacity. 
  • The NPPF and NPPG allow local authorities to take such constraints into account but residents are told by local authorities that the Planning Inspectorate will not accept that. The NPPF needs to be modified to make it absolutely clear that such areas can safely choose not to build beyond their capacity. 
  • Because of the existing concentration of population in the congested south of England, more support should be given to decentralisation of the population and employment opportunities for that population. We support the Government’s devolution agenda.
  • It is important that sustainable locations are selected which should take into account biodiversity, flooding, landscape and specifically Green Belt designations as important constraints, as well as access to public transport and highway connections.

2017 Guildford Local Plan

Guildford’s NEW local Plan has just opened for consultation. PLEASE RESPOND before 24th July 2017.  GGG has published its responses to Local Plan Policies here 

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