NPPF Changes Consultation 2015

Increasing Residential Density Around Hubs - Page 3

Question 5.

Do you agree that the Government should not introduce a minimum level of residential densities in national policy for areas around commuter hubs? If not, why not?

  • We agree that it is not for the government to introduce density levels. We consider that it should be up to the local planning authority take account of special designations such as conservation areas. In Guildford, some rural stations abut or are located in the Green Belt and AONB and these designations will need to be taken into account when determining where growth is permitted.




2017 Guildford Local Plan

Guildford’s NEW local Plan has just opened for consultation. PLEASE RESPOND before 24th July 2017.  GGG has published its responses to Local Plan Policies here 

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