03. Definitions & Sources

  • NMSS is a consultancy company specialising in housing demographics whose principal is Neil McDonald a Management Consultant specialising in property strategy and research in the public and private sectors.
  • References to “local plan” are intended not to be the previous 2003 Local Plan but to be references to the current Regulation 19 draft local plan 2017 prepared by Guildford Borough Council.
  • GBC refers to Guildford Borough Council
  • SHMA refers to the Strategic Housing Market Assessment 2017 prepared by GL Hearn
  • OAN refers to the Objectively Assessed Need in relation to housing
  • NPPF refers to the National Planning Policy Framework
  • CPRE refers to the Campaign for the Protection of Rural England
  • GRA refers to the Guildford Residents Association which comprises over 25 Residents Associations and five Parish Councils 
  • ELNA refers to the Employment Land Needs Assessment 2017
  • NPPF refers to the National Planning Policy Framework
  • NPPG refers to the National Planning Policy Guidance

2017 Guildford Local Plan

Guildford’s NEW local Plan has just opened for consultation. PLEASE RESPOND before 24th July 2017.  GGG has published its responses to Local Plan Policies here 

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